We being a client centric organization prefer selection of the applicant either by oral or practical test to be conducted by the employer or his authorized representative. Our team of experts arranges their accommodation, transport and all other logistic support that are required for the purpose. In case, we are entrusted with the selection & testing of candidate, we normally do it with the help of a team of experts for technical & professional categories under direct supervision of our professional executives.

Recruitment Process Followed:

We take pride in delivering quality professional recruitment solutions that meet the specific job locations across different sectors. The services delivered are handled by experienced team who have with them in depth experience in that particular sector.

Employers Part :

Demand Letter
Client companies will formally issue demand letter stating:
Letter of Authority:

Client companies will issue letter of authority in favor of Overseas Recruitment addressing to the consulate general of concerned embassy in India. This letter informs all the concerned that we are client & request manpower recruitment consultant and are fully authorized to deal with matters like visa as well as submission and delivery of necessary documents with the concerned embassy.

Agreement of Employment:

Agreement of employment is a standard contract of employment between the employer and employee.

Agents Parts :

Medical Checkups:

After final selection process is completed, we ensure that selected candidates undergo complete medical check-up by authorized medical personnel as required by client company.

Application for Visa:

We handle involved visa application procedures in respective embassies on behalf of candidates.

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Ticketing and Emigration:

We meet the involved traveling requirements of selected clients. The close involvement of employers at this stage facilitates involved emigration procedures.

Pre departure Orientation:

We provide basic orientation & guidance to selected candidates in respect to employment conditions, laws and regulations and other factors related to the job .